By Don Farmer with Chris Curle


A Novel

Nikki Z is a love-her-or-hate-her news anchor on Atlanta TV.

Cassie Page is an African-American crime reporter for a cable news giant. Her lover is Jimmy Hagan, an Irish-American police detective.

Rudy Decker is a flashy playboy, a user and abuser of women, getting rich selling the body parts of slaughtered black bears.

Human life is cheap, too. A sexy TV talent coach is murdered. Nikki Z is kidnapped.

And Rudy’s bloody schemes are threatened by Cassie and Jimmy and by wronged women set on revenge.

Meet the authors

Don Farmer
& Chris Curle


Don Farmer and Chris Curle are veteran journalists who have interviewed thousands of people, some of the best in the world and some of the worst, in some of the best places on the planet and some of the most dangerous.

            In eighty-one countries on six continents, they covered wars and peace talks, historic figures from presidents to the Beatles, heroes and villains.

            Their experience in major media includes ABC News, CNN and network TV stations in Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Houston,

      Their first novel, Deadly News, also is set in the TV news business.

aLSO By Don Farmer with Chris Curle


A Novel

What’s DEADLY NEWS About?

After a spectacular murder in the Atlanta penthouse of a national media mogul, cops scramble to solve the crime and TV stations compete for coverage.  A savvy detective and a determined female reporter team up – in more ways than one – to catch the killer and get the story.  This humorous thriller is fast-paced fun behind the scenes of TV news.